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podcast obsessed // what i'm listening to

"I feel like everyone's podcasting and nobody's podlistening" was the quip accompanying a cartoon recently in The New Yorker. You can read that full article here, but there are definitely some valid points made.

As a recent podcast convert and newly obsessed listener, I understand why this article was written. It seems like everyone in their dog is podcasting (and to be honest, I've considered doing it myself). Even reality show stars are podcasting AND TV shows now have a podcast edition for each episode they air. Between streaming services and podcasting, its one more reason why TV (and prime time tv shows) is on their merry way out the door (ok, except This is Us and Life in Pieces for which I am LOYAL to!)

my best purchases of 2017

Every year I look back at some of the products I've purchased. Some were impulse purchases, others were much-needed purchases and some were just a waste of my money.

Haven't we all been there?

This past year, I have been super conservative with how I've spent my money, but I've also indulged in some items I never thought I would have. Conservative mostly because I was not working and was home with our new son for the better half of the year, but we've also been forking out money for our wedding which is happening in April 2018 and we're finishing our basement.

BUT, there have been a few purchases which I have made that have changed my life! Some for vanity, some for function and others for down right NEED.

Here's the round up!

lessons i've learned in my first year of motherhood

It really is true that you can learn so many lessons from an infant. No matter how old you are.

We recently celebrated our son's 1st birthday. Yeah, we made it a year and he's still alive and well!

We survived the sleepless nights.

We survived (and attempted) breastfeeding. Ouch.

We kept him alive and healthy.

We nurtured him, loved him and made him the centre of our universe.

The things you do for your child but I wouldn't have it any other way. He came into our world exactly 367 days ago via c-section and life has never been the same since.

Even at 40 and 39 years old respectively, we have learned more from this little peanut than my 17+ years in business. Having a child is no joke (obvious statement, I know but I feel like I have to say this) because you not only have to be prepared physically, financially and in a solid relationship, but mentally. This was my toughest challenge. The mental exhaustion and challenges Grayson put me through each and every day, was a test and a testament that patience really is a virtue.

are you there dream job? it's me andrea.

There was a time in my life when I was certain about my career.

That ship has temporarily sunk and is in need of dire resuscitation (sorry for the melodrama, but stick with me here and I'll explain).

Last month, I parted ways with my employer (I was technically a "full-time" contractor). And let me clarify, they were good to me. They hired me when I was 4 months pregnant and allowed me to take the time off I needed after Grayson was born. And they were a US company, so I was very lucky to even have 4 months off as I navigated my way through motherhood.

title means nothing. impact is everything.

The idea for this post was literally a lightbulb moment. It also came from years of business experience working with some of the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

There I said it.

Yes, its true. Not all of the people I've worked for and/or reported to in the past have been great humans. At least not in business. AND they have the balls to call themselves leaders!

So many people get hung up on the title of their role. They assume that it means more power, a bigger salary, the opportunity to boss more people around, manage a bigger team, earn more accolades. You name it, "title" holds a lot of clout for some people.

Well, I'm here to say its BS and simply not true. Business Lesson #1: Don't get hung up on your title.

there's a little bit of nora ephron in us all.

"Writers are just cannibals. They just are and if you're friends with them and if you say anything funny at dinner or if anything good happens to you, you are in big trouble." - Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron knew how to write comedy (believe it or not, this is not easy). She was relatable, funny, witty, called herself and expert in relationships and she wrote in a way that was very abrupt, metaphorical and utterly hilarious.

I recently watched the documentary, Everything is Copy: Scripted and Unscripted, the story of the famous, bold & very honest screenwriter, Nora Ephron. Some of you may not even know who she is, but if I gave you a breakdown of her movies, she wouldn't be a mystery anymore.

a love letter to my cookies

My sweet, sweet Cookies,

My how we've come a long way. I still think back to the early days of debt-ridden anxiety, out-of-control-spending, lack of savings accounts and so much more. We were the poster children for what NOT to do when it came to managing finances.

Fast forward to June 2017 and we found ourselves in Scottsdale, AZ celebrating 10 years since the Smart Cookies were born. I am so glad we made this reunion happen (thanks Handy!). The best part of it? We're already planning on making this an annual reunion, because who doesn't love some solid girl time in 105 degree heat, whilst sipping margaritas in the pool?

a letter to my younger self

Dear Andrea,

Things will get better, I promise you that. Less complicated? Not so much.

Here's what will get better:

  • Your self-confidence
  • Your determination
  • Your drive
  • Your acceptance of others (and their sometimes crazy ways)
  • Your love and appreciation towards your family and friends
  • Your willingness to (continue) learning
  • Your ability to take greater risks, without the promise that it will pay off.
  • Your flexibility when it comes to you're willingness to bend
  • Friendships
  • Your patience
  • True, ever-lasting love

lemons for love turns ONE!

Is it just me or does time seem to FLY by way too fast as you get older?! I often catch myself asking the question "where did the time go?!" As a kid, I was constantly in a rush to get to the next phase of my life. Now, I just want to hit the pause button because it's going by way to fast!

Believe it or not, it's been one whole year since I started Lemons For Love. One year ago this week, I was in the midst of packing up my entire life - leaving Vancouver, BC and heading to Grande Prairie, AB, leaving my job, friends and family behind and trying to imagine what my new life was going to be like in this small northern town (sorry, I still think of it as a town, much to the chagrin of the locals up here). 

breastfeeding is hard and sometimes, really sucks

Breastfeeding is hard.

It’s one of the toughest, most frustrating things I have experienced so far and as a new mother, I feel like wit shouldn't be this hard. It should be easy because women are naturally born to do this, right?!

I wish I was one of those women who had the knack to nail this from the start. Blissfully giving birth, then poof! My baby would latch to my boob from and all would be well in this world.

This is not how it went for me. At all.

25 things you don't know about me

For realz.......I do have some pretty weird quirks...qualities...features - whatever you want to call them, they make me, me

So to lighten things up a bit on this Monday (and give you a brief break from my pregnancy groans, qualms and overall grouchiness), I thought some of these would make you LOL and maybe scratch your head a little bit. Those of you who don't know me well, will discover a lot of revealing things and those who are near and dear to me, I know some of these will ring a bell!