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in good company // issue no. 14 // john ounpuu

Who: John Ounpuu, Co-founder of Modern Craft
What: strategic savant, creative by default, marketing zealot, thinker, doer, dreamer
Where: Vancouver, BC
Follow: @obviousness

Most professionals who work in an agency exude this electric, how ya doin, have-you-seen-my-work type of personality. Their all about the awards, the showcase, the thrill of poaching and winning clients. I should know, because I've been there. Twice. 

John however, is a little more subtle than that. He's the strong silent type, and no that isn't an insult. It's probably one of the best qualities he has, aside from his talent. That talent is strategy and he has the chops to prove it. His resume is remarkable but his work is even more impressive, because I am lucky to have been on the receiving end as both a colleague at Blast Radius and as a potential client when I was with Browns Restaurant Group. This guy knows his shit, but he's as humble as humble pie.

in good company // issue no. 13 // krysta masciale

Who: Krysta Masciale, Co-founder of Big Deal Branding
What: brand therapist, career-driven mom, motherlucker, bad ass
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Follow: @krystamasciale

It takes a marketer to know a marketer. It's like we have this marketing radar and when we spot creativity, we make a beeline across a crowded room just to strike up a conversation and be inspired.

Wait, back up here. I've actually never even met Krysta, but I felt this instant connection to her. We know each other because we're both contributors to a raw and uncensored parenting blog called Motherlucker. We're 2 of the original 10 that were chosen to share our stories as mothers, professionals and super women trying to survive one day at a time. All shapes and sizes, all different situations, all fascinating stories. That's what a Motherlucker is.

in good company // issue no. 12 // jill hatch

Jill and I met serendipitously about 7 years ago. I was visiting my guncles in Hawaii, and they invited me out one evening to their friend Jill and Rogers house for a wine/cheese party. 

(You had me at wine and cheese. That's all I need to hear in order to go anywhere and look half presentable).

My uncle knows me well because the first thing he said to me is "you have to meet Jill and Roger. You guys have so much in common and will get along like a house on fire." He was right. It's like she was my sister reincarnate or something like that. We had similar styles, tastes in decor, clothing and food. All I needed to do now was find a way to move to Hawaii and get an adorable house exactly like her's:)

in good company // issue no. 11 // jillian harris

Who: Jillian Harris, Founder and Creative Director,
What: new mamma, tv personality, (former) bachelorette, busy bee, interior designer
Where: Kelowna, BC
Follow: @jillian.harris

So here goes: Believe it or not, Jillian Harris and I have about 6 degrees of separation to the nth degree. And by that, I mean our lives have not only crossed paths many-a-times, but it turns out we basically know a lot of the same people.

Kevin Bacon, eat your heart out.

in good company // issue no. 09 // sunny lenarduzzi

So, there's this girl who runs this little (but big) video/social media company out of her small apartment in Vancouver, BC. I really wanted to feature Sunny on my website because, selfishly, I'm also from Vancouver and we have 4 degrees of separation, but because I have been SUPER impressed with her videos & how she's quickly grown her company.

in good company // issue no. 08 // jennifer maloney-adab

Who: Jennifer Maloney-Adab, Co-Founder, Brix Media Co. 
What: Mamma to Ari, business owner, hip-hop enthusiast, yoga lover, PR maven, my people
Where: Vancouver, BC
Follow: @jennifermaloney and @brixmediaco

Profile picture courtesy of Noel Fox.

If there is one word I would use to describe Jennifer it would be 'contagious'. A contagious spirit, smile, attitude, energy and character. I could go on with a larger list, but you get the point. 

She is, first and foremost, a close friend whom I met in our ripe 20's at a Junk removal company we both worked for. I was working in marketing, and she was in PR. From the moment I met her, I knew she would be easy to get along with and loads of fun. Jennifer struck me as a happy, eager lady just bursting at the seams to launch her career! Little did I know that she would take on the PR world as successfully as she has. I'm thrilled to feature my close friend in this month's In Good Company, so grab a coffee and read all about Jennifer's journey.

in good company // issue no. 07 // jill earthy

Jill Earthy is someone that appears to have it all, in the traditional sense. An amazing education, family, a supportive husband (and one that takes care of the kids!), a career that is equally exciting as it is fulfilling and a network of men & women around her who elevate, support and join in on her ideas.

But Jill is a woman who is never a good way. She is constantly finding new opportunities, and better ways to fulfill her passions while taking risks. She is a go-getter, a woman who thrives on helping others pursue their dreams and passions, but with the honest, candid and experienced approach one would expect from a seasoned leader such as herself. It was an honour to highlight such an amazingly talented and driven woman for this month's In Good Company series. Read all about her journey below and you may just be inspired to a little bit.

in good company // issue no. 06 // jenna herbut

Who: Jenna Herbut, Founder of Make it! The Handmade Revolution
What: Craft lover, entrepreneur, girl boss, lover of all things sparkly, multi-tasker.
Where: Vancouver, BC
Follow: @jennaherbut and @makeitshow

Jenna Herbut is one lady who loves all things sparkly. If you even just see how big her smile is (proof is in the pic above), you will quickly realize that she brings a lot of brightness to any room, not to mention, her crafty talents.

in good company // issue no. 05 // tami m. forman

Who: Tami M. Forman, Executive Director, Path Forward
What: Non-profit CEO, Mom, Advocate for Gender Equality, Wife, Storyteller
Where: New York City, NY
Follow: @tamimforman

All photos courtesy of Tami Forman/Path Forward

In the third (and final part) of my series on women returning to the workforce, I wanted to look at how a nonprofit organization can make an impact on this hot topic. In our last In Good Company feature, I looked at the impressive work that Jennifer Gefsky is doing with Apr├Ęs, but now I wanted to shift the focus to another amazing lady doing something similar in the nonprofit sector.

in good company // issue no. 04 // jennifer gefsky

In the eyes of most people, Jennifer Gefsky is the poster child for success. An accomplished attorney in her own right, smart, educated, mother of three, and committed wife. But like a lot of women, she too made the decision to leave her demanding career behind to raise her children, and when the time came to re-enter the workforce, it proved to be more difficult than she expected.

Jennifer is a woman on a mission. In May 2016, she co-founded Apres Group, a digital recruiting platform that connects high-calibre women looking to re-enter the workforce with diverse job opportunities. Their website offers inspiring content, tools to successfully navigate their transition, career coaches and a diverse job market.

This is a hot topic and one that is taking the media by storm, in a good way. More people are asking the question: Why is it so hard for educated, experienced women to re-enter the workforce after taking a leave? And do they even have the resources to do so? Jennifer and her co-founder Niccole Kroll are just a few of the people changing this landscape and so far, they seem to be garnering lots of attention. And so they should.

on ramps & off ramps: the choices women have to make

I remember the first time I found out I was pregnant. All of these emotions and thoughts were just running through my head as to what this next chapter in my life would look like. Unfortunately, I miscarried but now, s**t just got real, because I'm 5 months pregnant with my first child and I still ask myself these questions!

The question that I kept asking myself was, "What about my career? How will my boss take the news, will I still have this job when I return to work as a working mother, will I even still have a career and how will I balance it all?"

I know most women who find themselves in this position wonder the same thing. And as someone in her late 30's who has built up an impressive career working my buns off to get here, its like a constant beating on my chest that gets louder and louder. I'll be the first to admit its harder now than if I were in my mid-late 20's when I was climbing the corporate ladder. But no, I had established my career. I had found my calling and was great at it.

OCO No. 01 // love & marriage

As I type this blog, I can hear the theme song to Married with Children playing over and over again in my head. 

"Love and marriage. Love and marriage. Go together like a horse and carriage. This I tell you brother, you can't have one without the other."

Ahh yes, love and marriage. Some people just 'get it'. Some people have mastered it. Some people fight for it. Some people just avoid it. And some people will just never get it. EVER. (Sorry, but this goes out to some ex-boyfriends I will forever be scratching my head at going, "why"???)

But I digress and am thankful that that is my past and THIS is my future - with a person who is just perfect for me and definitely marriage material. 

in good company // issue no. 03 // wendy holscher

Who: Wendy Holscher
What: Super volunteer, quilter extraordinaire, passionate mother, horse lover, committed wife.
Where: Grande Prairie, Alberta

As someone who grew up in big cities most of her life, there was very little I knew about the amount of work it took to raise a family in a more rural area. We volunteered and were active in our community, but there is a more personal, rooted mission when you're located in a small town with less than 500 people. 

Wendy Holscher will soon be family to me (officially!) and I was amazed at how much she had already accomplished in her 30 short years thus far. From volunteering in her community, participating in sports, finding passion in hobbies, and riding horses to raising two beautiful boys and being a committed wife. I felt like I needed to step up my game! When you meet people like her, you truly see how important family, friends and community are, especially when you're raising a family.