in good company // issue no. 08 // jennifer maloney-adab

Who: Jennifer Maloney-Adab, Co-Founder, Brix Media Co. 
What: Mamma to Ari, business owner, hip-hop enthusiast, yoga lover, PR maven, my people
Where: Vancouver, BC
Follow: @jennifermaloney and @brixmediaco

Profile picture courtesy of Noel Fox.

If there is one word I would use to describe Jennifer it would be 'contagious'. A contagious spirit, smile, attitude, energy and character. I could go on with a larger list, but you get the point. 

She is, first and foremost, a close friend whom I met in our ripe 20's at a Junk removal company we both worked for. I was working in marketing, and she was in PR. From the moment I met her, I knew she would be easy to get along with and loads of fun. Jennifer struck me as a happy, eager lady just bursting at the seams to launch her career! Little did I know that she would take on the PR world as successfully as she has. I'm thrilled to feature my close friend in this month's In Good Company, so grab a coffee and read all about Jennifer's journey.

baby holscher's nursery reveal!

I'll be the first to admit, I'm no stylist or interior designer. I was just not blessed with this talent, but I like to think I know what is considered 'good style' and most certainly, 'good taste'. Personal style or no personal style, I was excited to make Baby Holscher's nursery a calming, gender neutral, clean space that we too would love. Comfortable for those long, sleepless nights I'm sure we will be experiencing very soon. Except for the crazy carpets we have in our house, those were just going to have to be left alone as this is not a forever house. So if I had my choice, this room would have white-washed floors!

a salad staple: winter spa salad with lemon chicken

Trust me on this one, you will WANT this salad in your rotation for lunches and dinners. 

See, I love salads, but not just ordinary salads. I love a salad that is a hearty meal. One that you can indulge in without feeling unsatisfied, while not feeling like you ate enough to feed 10 people. Salads that have a myriad of flavour and ingredients that beef it up so you feel like you're eating a FULL meal. Otherwise, its just too basic for me and won't do a damn thing to curb my hunger. 

in good company // issue no. 07 // jill earthy

Jill Earthy is someone that appears to have it all, in the traditional sense. An amazing education, family, a supportive husband (and one that takes care of the kids!), a career that is equally exciting as it is fulfilling and a network of men & women around her who elevate, support and join in on her ideas.

But Jill is a woman who is never a good way. She is constantly finding new opportunities, and better ways to fulfill her passions while taking risks. She is a go-getter, a woman who thrives on helping others pursue their dreams and passions, but with the honest, candid and experienced approach one would expect from a seasoned leader such as herself. It was an honour to highlight such an amazingly talented and driven woman for this month's In Good Company series. Read all about her journey below and you may just be inspired to a little bit.

25 things you don't know about me

For realz.......I do have some pretty weird quirks...qualities...features - whatever you want to call them, they make me, me

So to lighten things up a bit on this Monday (and give you a brief break from my pregnancy groans, qualms and overall grouchiness), I thought some of these would make you LOL and maybe scratch your head a little bit. Those of you who don't know me well, will discover a lot of revealing things and those who are near and dear to me, I know some of these will ring a bell!

in good company // issue no. 06 // jenna herbut

Who: Jenna Herbut, Founder of Make it! The Handmade Revolution
What: Craft lover, entrepreneur, girl boss, lover of all things sparkly, multi-tasker.
Where: Vancouver, BC
Follow: @jennaherbut and @makeitshow

Jenna Herbut is one lady who loves all things sparkly. If you even just see how big her smile is (proof is in the pic above), you will quickly realize that she brings a lot of brightness to any room, not to mention, her crafty talents.

mourning the loss of....

Before you get all worried here, no one died.

But, the life I always knew, the life I was familiar with, and loved so much is slowly coming to an end. So I'm technically mourning the loss of that life as Nate and I prepare to embark on the BIGGEST life change for both of us.....PARENTHOOD!

baby holscher's baby shower!

Baby oh baby! Was I ever feeling the love last weekend!

I flew back to Vancouver for a quick 2 day trip to visit my family, but because my lovely mother and BFF were throwing me a baby shower.

I will admit, I've never been on 'this side' before, and by this side, I mean showered with gifts (birthdays don't count), where I've had to register for something, sit on a throne while I open presents and people sit and observe and go ohhhhh and ahhhh. I've been to countless weddings and baby showers where I've purchased items off registries, but I've never been the centre of attention like this. Plus this was coming off the heels of our engagement party and my going-away party, so I felt spoiled and tired of the spotlight by this point.

living with gestational diabetes

My oh my. Just when I thought I was a pretty darn healthy lady  - where exercise and greens were a part of my (almost) daily regime - turns out the baby growing inside of me is reeking havoc on my pancreas.

(insert emoticons for a pity cry, frustrated face and the middle finger salute!)

I've always had a sweet tooth. Like, its-ok-if-I-eat-this-cream-cheese-icing-with-a-spoon-standing-in-my-kitchen kind of sweet tooth. Yes, I have done that on several occasions so hold your judgment. A woman has needs and a pregnant woman most certainly does, so just stand aside and watch out! When the day came when I was scheduled for my GDM glucose test at 26 weeks, I was slightly worried that my sweet tooth would get me in (and the baby) in trouble, but I knew I was healthy enough to not be at risk.

in good company // issue no. 05 // tami m. forman

Who: Tami M. Forman, Executive Director, Path Forward
What: Non-profit CEO, Mom, Advocate for Gender Equality, Wife, Storyteller
Where: New York City, NY
Follow: @tamimforman

All photos courtesy of Tami Forman/Path Forward

In the third (and final part) of my series on women returning to the workforce, I wanted to look at how a nonprofit organization can make an impact on this hot topic. In our last In Good Company feature, I looked at the impressive work that Jennifer Gefsky is doing with Apr├Ęs, but now I wanted to shift the focus to another amazing lady doing something similar in the nonprofit sector.

when the urge is simply not there

I feel like I've been MIA lately. What have you done with yourself in my absence?! Have you missed my voice?

Ok, maybe that's asking too much, but I have felt MIA from the writing front for a bunch of various I might as well write a short post about it.

Three months ago I was bored out of my mind. Blogging was the only light in my life that gave me motivation and something to do (aside from my partner that is) but having just quit my job, moved to another city, finding out that we were expecting and so much more, I felt out of place and lost. What the hell happened to my life and how did it change so quickly?!

in good company // issue no. 04 // jennifer gefsky

In the eyes of most people, Jennifer Gefsky is the poster child for success. An accomplished attorney in her own right, smart, educated, mother of three, and committed wife. But like a lot of women, she too made the decision to leave her demanding career behind to raise her children, and when the time came to re-enter the workforce, it proved to be more difficult than she expected.

Jennifer is a woman on a mission. In May 2016, she co-founded Apres Group, a digital recruiting platform that connects high-calibre women looking to re-enter the workforce with diverse job opportunities. Their website offers inspiring content, tools to successfully navigate their transition, career coaches and a diverse job market.

This is a hot topic and one that is taking the media by storm, in a good way. More people are asking the question: Why is it so hard for educated, experienced women to re-enter the workforce after taking a leave? And do they even have the resources to do so? Jennifer and her co-founder Niccole Kroll are just a few of the people changing this landscape and so far, they seem to be garnering lots of attention. And so they should.

on ramps & off ramps: the choices women have to make

I remember the first time I found out I was pregnant. All of these emotions and thoughts were just running through my head as to what this next chapter in my life would look like. Unfortunately, I miscarried but now, s**t just got real, because I'm 5 months pregnant with my first child and I still ask myself these questions!

The question that I kept asking myself was, "What about my career? How will my boss take the news, will I still have this job when I return to work as a working mother, will I even still have a career and how will I balance it all?"

I know most women who find themselves in this position wonder the same thing. And as someone in her late 30's who has built up an impressive career working my buns off to get here, its like a constant beating on my chest that gets louder and louder. I'll be the first to admit its harder now than if I were in my mid-late 20's when I was climbing the corporate ladder. But no, I had established my career. I had found my calling and was great at it.