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boy meets girl: a tale of two people moving in together

boy meets girl: a tale of two people moving in together

If there's one question I get asked a lot since moving in with the hubby-to-be, its "What happened to the fish? Is it still on the wall?"

Let me back up a bit here and explain why I keep getting asked this question (try to keep the chuckles to a minimum, please).

When I met Nathan almost 3 years ago, there was no fish on the wall in his house (not that this would have been a deal breaker, but this does help me with my case). In fact, I didn't even know it existed. Half way into our relationship, up went the fish during one drunken boys night in at the house.

On his wall.

In the main living room.

Front and centre for everyone to observe.

You get the picture.

This fish ( a 9' fibreglass marlin replica to be exact) used to be his father's prize possession because he actually caught one while taking his family on a trip to Hawaii many moons ago. So naturally, like any man would do, he bought a replica to hang up on his wall so he could proudly display it.

After Nate's father passed away almost 10 years ago, his mother gave the fish to him when she moved, so this 'art piece' has a lot of sentimental value, which is why I do kinda have a soft spot for it (come on people, I'm not completely devoid of feelings here:)). 

Nathan decided to hang it on the wall, in his living room, which is pretty much in clear view throughout the entire first floor of his house. As you can see, exhibit A above, prior to me dismantling it (notice the subtle glimpse of the spin tables below the fish). Fish + DJ tables = the ULTIMATE bachelor pad.

See, when a boy meets a girl, falls in love, puts a ring on it and then eventually moves into his bachelor pad (at least that's what happened in our story), there's always the cliche of the man losing everything so the woman can 'redecorate' and make it 'livable'. They slowly lose the battle to keep any morsel of their bachelorhood, to a woman who just needs to redecorate because she can't stand the thought of living in a house with, well, fish on the walls, DJ tables taking up the living room and no sight of even a coffee table to put her coffee mug on. Yes, this is our cliche story, but let me preface this by saying that I DID give him the option of selling all my furniture before I moved out so the two of us could buy new stuff together. He passed on that, so here we are. (I just needed to clarify that in case you're starting to feel really sorry for him).

You mix one easy going, laid back guy with a very Type A, ball buster, list making, hustling woman and you have yourself.......a fish on the wall that did come down, DJ tables and vinyl that found a new home, and a newly made man-cave space.....in the unfinished basement. Most people knew this was inevitable. But this is just the start and so far, I'm happy to report he's adjusting just fine. In fact, I probably get more compliments from him as to how livable, comfy and nice the place is looking. 

Whew, I've somewhat redeemed myself. But all is well in the household and I cannot wait to reveal the finished product. The before and after picture will be worth the wait.

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