25 things you don't know about me

25 things you don't know about me

For realz.......I do have some pretty weird quirks...qualities...features - whatever you want to call them, they make me, me

So to lighten things up a bit on this Monday (and give you a brief break from my pregnancy groans, qualms and overall grouchiness), I thought some of these would make you LOL and maybe scratch your head a little bit. Those of you who don't know me well, will discover a lot of revealing things and those who are near and dear to me, I know some of these will ring a bell!


  1. I only eat the bottom half of a bagel. Yup and I don't even eat bagels that often but when I do, I like the bottom toasted because it isn't as doughy as the top.

  2. My fellow Smart Cookie cohorts insisted on calling me "Rose" from the Golden Girls. I'm still not sure how I feel about this, but long live Betty White because she's the only Golden Girl still kickin it!

  3. I failed high school math. Twice. (no surprise why those dreams of becoming a surgeon didn't pan out).

  4. I have been fired from at least four jobs. A combination of scaling down, elimination of position and bad fit and one that was just down-right a wrongful dismissal. Oh, if some of those walls could talk!

  5. I have two nicknames my father gave me: Bratface (for when I'm being, well, a brat) and Blue Eyes, which is his eternal, goody-goody name for me and the one I cherish the most. The bond I have with my father is priceless and one I cherish so much.

  6. As a kid, I would dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon, living in NYC in a brownstone walk up on the UWS and dating occasionally. Verbatim. And yes I was only 7 years old. Life didn't quite turn out that way as you can see....

  7. I LOVE to book and bake (and eat!). I grew up with a mom who was (and still is) 100% active and uber-talented in the kitchen and she always allowed my brother and I to pull up a chair next to her to help out when we were kids. For this, I am eternally grateful.

  8. My FAVE movie of all time is When Harry Met Sally. I've seen it at least 85 times (no joke). It's not a chick flick, but a smart, witty comedy about finding love in the most uncommon of places and friends. Billy Crystal still keeps me in stitches with his ever-so-loving dark side, while Meg Ryan is just the hopeless, control-freak romantic who I've always been able to relate to.

  9. My mother was adopted as a baby and I've always been curious to find out about her background. Her, not so much but I keep persisting.

  10. My father is an immigrant and arrived on a boat from England post war at the ripe age of 2 with nothing but the clothes on their back and their life savings. I am eternally grateful for the simple life his parents provided for them and how he turned out:)

  11. My favourite children's book growing up was Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends. For baby shower gifts, I always gift a copy for my friends because I feel its a MUST!

  12. I am OCD to the fullest degree. I like order, cleanliness and simplicity. I cannot go to bed knowing things are not in their place or the kitchen is a mess. #sadbuttrue #sorrynotsorry

  13. I have a dolphin tattoo on the inside of my left ankle. No this wasn't random and yes it has great meaning to me and reminds me of my childhood.

  14. I am torn between who now has the best burger - In N' Out or Shake Shack, but I will never turn any of them down. #dilemma

  15. I have published two books, hosted two seasons of my own TV show, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, and The Today Show, featured in the NYTimes, NY Daily News and so much more. Talking about money nonetheless because.....

  16. ....for many years in my life I was a financial disaster. Knee-deep in debt, collection agencies at my throat, spending far more than I earned. I'm glad those days are over but I will never regret a thing because it took me places (see #15 above), smartened me up and taught me some hard-core money lessons.

  17. I pronounce tacos like "ta-cos" with emphasis on the 'a' not "tah-cos" like most people. I will not apologize for this nor do I care if you make fun of me.

  18. As a kid, I was fascinated by fire (a bit of a pyromaniac maybe?). I once lit an entire matchbox full of matches on fire. In my bedroom crawl space. And I have the scar to prove it.

  19. I have extremely low blood pressure and often have the risk of passing out for no good reason. At the drop of a hat. Certain triggers just make me black out. eek.

  20. I have a brown belt in kickboxing. And no, I'm not an aggressive person by nature, it was a distraction at the time post-breakup in my early 20's and I ended up loving it.

  21. I was a total klutz (I prefer risk-taker) as a kid and once made a visit to the hospital ER TWICE IN ONE DAY to get stitches. Ironically, both times my mother was working in the ER and questioned my father's ability to properly keep and eye on my brother and I.

  22. The first ever CD's I owned were Wilson Phillips and Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl. Gulp, I just seriously dated myself.

  23. I met my fiancee on eHarmony and struck up a connection with him just because (ok, I was building a stable of men). I had no intention of ever meeting him since we lived in separate cities, but here we are. He put forth the effort and now I am more in love with him today, than I was when we first exchanged "I love you's". Ahhhhh....

  24. My favourite dessert of all time is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. And I'm talking LAY-IT-ON-THICK-FROSTING, because I could eat a whole bowl of it if someone let me do it.

  25. I actually do have dimples on my face....but they are in my upper cheeks below my eyes. My father used to joke with me as a kid when I asked him where they came from. He would demonstrate how they used to pinch my cheeks with their thumbs when I was a baby which caused them to dent in. Ever the humorous man trying to get a laugh out of a child (and worry the shit out them at the same time).


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