a WHOLE new lease on eating

a WHOLE new lease on eating

It's no secret that I love food. If there's one thing you will take away from reading my blog, is that I love to cook and eat especially in the company of friends & family.

In the words of Julia Child, "no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing". Well that's just what my mother taught me - learn to cook the basics, keep the family recipes alive, make your own food so you know what's in it, and most of all, enjoy the process along the way and share with others.

So to embark on something like the #Whole30 Program was not only out of character for me, but something I had to be committed to 150% in order to really make it worth my time. The sheer thought of not being able to eat cheese, sweets, bread, pasta, rice, sushi and wine - oh sweet, sweet, heavenly wine - was keeping me up at night. Not to mention a total dip in my social life as I opted NOT to eat out for the fear of cheating & not knowing what was in my food.

It was January 3rd, 2016. My two friends and I had one final binge wine session over some giant Kobe meatballs, hot wings and a tuna stack before we embarked on 30 days of mindful eating. We sat at a booth in Cactus Club looking like some geeked out students with our Whole30 books, sticky notes and highlighters at the table. The waitress was curiously observant, but I'm sure she was secretly thinking to herself, what is up with those women? We did not feel any shame in gobbling up the food and consuming over 2 bottles of wine. After all, this was our last chance to indulge in 30 days which seemed like an eternity.

Fast forward to today...THE END! We officially completed a successful run of this program. I think I'm more surprised (and proud) of myself for actually completing this arduous task. Like most women, my relationship with food is equally satisfying, addictive, unhealthy and healthy at best. Mix that with my lack of willpower around food, cravings, hormones and aging, I can have a bit of a disaster on my hands most days.

I honestly thought I wouldn't have the courage or balls to complete this, but we did and we supported each other to the end. Through small cravings, food boredom, headaches, food experimentation, bloating, bitching, complaining. You name it, we did it but all but made it through!

Things I learned on the Whole30 cleanse:

  1. I have more willpower than I gave myself credit for (pat on back).

  2. A lot of my cravings and side effects were delayed & I had to tell myself not to lose the faith (they do tell you that extending it may be worth while if this happens to you).

  3. I lost a total of 9lbs overall (12lbs up front due to water weight and bloating. Shocking!

  4. Health wise, my lower back pain is gone, my digestion is back on track, my skin issues have cleared up a bit, my heart burn has subsided, all the bloating is gone, my energy is slowly picking up, I'm sleeping better, my physical shape is changing, I've lost 'the gut'. The list goes on and I'm still seeing noticeable changes.

  5. I became a conscience cook. I experimented with food items I've never used (ummm, Ghee....where have you been my whole life?) and making far better food choices and developing better food habits. Coconut oil is my new best friend.

  6. My body became my own science experiment. Its amazing what you find out & how food affects your body - not just your shape but your insides too. Its highly educational & I highly recommend everyone trying it.

  7. I missed wine and sweets. A lot.

  8. I really do like zucchini and learned to substitute it for pasta.

  9. My friends truly are my rock (and so is my fiancee....all cheering me on along the way).

  10. My pants and clothes fit way better.

  11. Did I mention that I missed wine and sweets. A lot.

Ok now the crazy part: I'm actually going to extend the Whole30 because I feel so good. 'm reaping the benefits of what its doing to my body and how its making me feel - mind, body and spirit.

I think my cohorts would agree - all in all this was a success and we now have our sexy back.

(To get the lowdown on this cleanse, go to Whole30 website. I would also recommend buying their book It Starts with Food. It explains the science of what certain foods do your body, how hormones are affected and a whole host of educational information.)


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