podcast obsessed // what i'm listening to

podcast obsessed // what i'm listening to

"I feel like everyone's podcasting and nobody's podlistening" was the quip accompanying a cartoon recently in The New Yorker. You can read that full article here, but there are definitely some valid points made.

As a recent podcast convert and newly obsessed listener, I understand why this article was written. It seems like everyone in their dog is podcasting (and to be honest, I've considered doing it myself). Even reality show stars are podcasting AND TV shows now have a podcast edition for each episode they air. Between streaming services and podcasting, its one more reason why TV (and prime time tv shows) is on their merry way out the door (ok, except This is Us and Life in Pieces for which I am LOYAL to!)

You would think as an experienced marketer of almost 20 years - and someone who immerses herself in technology on the regular - would naturally be an early adopter.

Well, sadly I am not. I often sit back, wait and see if something fails or succeeds or at least waits until version 3, 4, or 5 is released. I'm happy to wait. Technology, devices, products. You name it, I'm late to the party and I'm ok with that (please don't judge). All I know is that I need to do things on my own time (famous last words). When I'm ready or willing, I move full speed ahead.

Enter the world of Podcasts. I remember when they were first on my radar back in 2004 when some companies were adopting this new technology as a communication platform, broadcasting messages and sharing stories for the masses. I didn't think much about it and honestly, thought it was a fad.

Boy was I wrong.

Now, I'm a podcast-loving, obsessed-with-news lady who ONLY listens to them in the car. Why? Because I'm the mother to a 14 month old and my time is extremely limited these days between work, baby, life etc. Plus, it passes the time by quicker and, (bonus) I'm actually learning something on topics I never enjoyed or cared to learn about in the past. Audio is the way to go for this busy mom.

So naturally, over the course of the past several months I've had the chance to listen to a lot of them and add some faves to my library. In the sea of thousands of podcasts (and let me tell you, there are THOUSANDS of podcasts out there), I've stayed loyal to a few I love to listen to on the regular, so it was only natural that I would share them with my audience.

Pod Save America

pod save america.jpeg

I first heard about these young, former Obama Speechwriters on an episode of Chelsea (which, by the way, I was very upset that she ended it after two seasons for personal / political reasons. I LOVED this fresh, raw, uncensored take on a talk show!).

Let me just preface this by saying I HATE POLITICS. Its not like I don't care or feel that it's not important, but I've always felt like it's one giant shitty marketing campaign full of shitty lies, shitty egos and shitty scandal. Plus, my knowledge on politics is fairly limited, resulting in an interest level of say, 2. BUT, these young guys really dumb it down so to speak. They talk candidly of their hatred toward Trump (this could be why I love the podcast so much) and it talks about the most relevant, up to date things that are going on in the state of the American politics these days. Its easy to understand, they're fun, candid, bold and full of (hilarious) opinions. But full of good, common sense opinions. I highly recommend this podcast for someone who kinda likes politics enough to want to learn more, but in a very uncomplicated way. And if you hate Trump, even better.

GirlBoss Radio


Sophia Amoruso is a wickedly brilliant business woman who quite frankly, has gotten a lot of slack over her empire Nasty Gal filing for bankruptcy (this was AFTER she stepped down as Executive Chairwoman). She paved the way for young, inexperienced business woman who had a rebellious flair, to go and start their own businesses. Her podcast covers an array of women entrepreneurs trying to do just that. One of my fave podcasts she posted was an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow. Think what you may, GOOP believer of not, she too had to take the steps required to start her business, get investors to back her vision and eventually step back INTO the role of CEO because she is the brand. I always love learning from the horse mouth, so to speak. This podcast is enjoyable and ahh inspiring for any woman, entrepreneur or not. 

Goal Digger

Goaldigger podcast.jpg

Of course I had to have some marketing related podcasts on my list! Goal Digger hosted by Jenna Kutcher. Its a workshop-style podcast for creative girl bosses, who want to learn about how to do stuff as a business woman, focused on marketing, and creative. Plus, she interviews some interesting, creative and successful women entrepreneurs as well.  If you're looking for tips to make it on your own in this business world, check this podcast out.

Radio Cherry Bombe


News flash: I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE COOKING. For anyone who either follows this blog or knows me personally, they know I love food. I find comfort in cooking for people, trying out recipes and experimenting. I recently got turned on by my new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and Instant Pot. #lifeasamom and #soontobewife has changed me forever.

Cherry Bombe feeds into my addiction of food because it interviews the most interesting people IN the food world today. Interesting, cool women conquering the food world today and I often learn about women in the culinary world who I've never heard of, but their doing really interesting stuff! From chefs, bakers and pastry chefs to food stylists, cookbook authors, bloggers and so much more. This is a really interesting and inspiring podcast for those who well, love food.


Invested podcast.jpg

I recently (and finally) took a greater risk with my RRSP's by investing them entirely in the stock market. Choosing conservative, safe stocks to a couple riskier ones. I'm a firm believer in investing in brands you actually use (for me that's Netflix, Loblaws, Royal Bank).  So naturally, I became more interested in the stock market, how my money is being invested and how I can get the best earning potential from them, both short and long term. 

Hosted by a father/daughter duo, InvesTED shines a light on the successful investing strategies that gurus like Warren Buffett have used for 80 years. From stock market tips, education on basics, and how to invest on your own. I love that they cover information (and give advice) on hot topics like bitcoin technology and if it's really worth getting in on the hype.

WSJ: Secrets of Wealthy Women


This is one of my FAVE podcasts these days. I love the women highlighted in this podcast - ladies I have followed for a while (Bethenny Frankel, Katia Beauchamp, Sheryl Sandberg to name a few) and ladies I have learned so much from (Susan Corcoran, Ali Hutchinson, Liz Ann Sonders, and Sukey Novogratz). Not only do you learn about their success stories, you learn about how they overcame adversity, obstacles and, in some cases, tragedies to get to the top. Chock full of advice too. A podcast you must subscribe to ladies.

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

WWHL podcast image.jpg

GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT #1: Fairly new to podcasting, this titillating, fun, quirky and often hilarious late night 'talk show' is (sadly?) one of my fave. Mostly because I am a loyal fan of the Housewives franchise amongst other Bravo TV series (BIG guilty pleasure and not one I like to admit to many people....but I guess the cats out of the bag). This not only feeds into my reality TV addiction, its utterly hilarious, eye-rolling and enjoyable all at the same time. Reality stars mixed with real Hollywood stars and influencers, its a nice balance to the show. Plus, it makes the car ride that much more enjoyable....for me anyway.

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

Super Soul podcast image.jpg

I mean, who DOESN'T love Oprah? Aside from the fact that I've been on her show (yes, as a guest), her Super Soul Sunday series is one I tune into a lot. I don't tune in every week, but when there is someone I truly adore (Brene Brown, Sheryl Sandberg, Reese Witherspoon) or someone I'm interested in learning more about, this is a great platform. The show still airs on TV and has been around for a few years now, but only recently did they turn it into a podcast. For the lady who doesn't have cable, this is definitely a perk! Smart Cookie tip: who needs to spend money on cable when you can tune into the FREE podcast version???

99% Invisible


This is one cool podcast by Roman Mars. Short and sweet, it explores the process and power of design and architecture. It's unique in that it has the most interesting topics that even I would even begin to think were a thing. For example, did you know that in the past 50 years, the car crash death rate has dropped nearly 80% in the US? Why? Because the forms that cops use to document the crash (including weather conditions) are used to draw a diagram of the accident and to identify the collision's 'primary cause'. This information, in turn, is gathered and put into a federal database called the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Car companies, safety advocates and regulators comb through this data constantly, looking for patterns that help them understand how and why people die in car wrecks. In turn, this information helps designers and engineers create safer vehicles and roadways. Just one of many interesting topics I've learned about. The vast range of topics are far and wide and if you're ever interested in something completely different, unique and very informative, this is the podcast to check out.

The Dave Chang Show


For the love of David Chang. I have followed this guy for years. His celebrity has increased over the years thanks to the popularity of his fast-growing restaurant group, Momofuku which has now grown to 5 brands in various cities. If you're at all food-obsessed you've seen him in Mind of  Chef.

Why We Eat What We Eat

why we eat what we eat podcaast cover.png

For anyone interested in health, food, veganism or just how we consume food in general, this is a highly informative podcast. I love to cook and bake and as I get older, I become more conscience about what goes into my body especially what I cook for my 14 month old son. 

This podcast asks the simple question: With the abundance of food available at our fingertips, how do we actually decide what to eat for dinner? Host Cathy Erway investigates the unseen forces that shape our eating habits. They tackle kale conspiracy, how to get your kids to quit being so picky (something I am trying so hard to do with Grayson - introducing as many healthy food options so he doesn't become a picky eater), visiting the epicentre of the potluck scene and so much more.  Their latest podcast on Breaking Bread is a must listen to. It speaks to the fact that family mealtimes are becoming less and less a part of a family's norm. Something I have ALWAYS believed in because I grew up having dinner with  my family every night. Super fascinating and you may learn some healthier eating habits along the way.


goop podcast.png

*NEW* I've discovered a new podcast and its my duty to share that with you. goop as you know it, is known for its unusual and holistic approaches to health, expensive product line and celebrity following. But I'm here to tell you that their new podcast is the BOMB. If you're not a fan of goop, I think you will be now. The first podcast was an interview with none other than the Big O and of course, I was taking notes like a mad woman. The podcasts that have followed (there are currently 3 in total) have been eye-opening and have struck a cord with me. Interviews with experts on what makes organizations and people really good at innovation to Board-Certified physician's who are experts in hormones and women's health. This podcast is a nice balance of a lot of highly interesting topics and like I said, you don't have to prescribe to goop's unusual and often criticized yet highly controversial treatments. You just have to be open to learning more. 

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

armchair expert.jpg

I know you must be thinking, why the hell is Dax Shepard doing a podcast? Known as the fairly goofy, comical actor who can't always be taken seriously and also known as the other 1/2 of Kristen Bell, this guy is LEGIT. My friend introduced me to his podcast and I've been obsessed every since. He is not only funny and personable with ALL his guests, he's witty, charming, intelligent and well-spoken. No word of a lie, this is a podcast worth checking out. He interviews an assortment of celebrities, news anchors, specialists and those who are near and dear to his heart. Case in point, you must listen to the podcast where he interviews his mother Laura Labo. Heartfelt, personal, touching and so inspiring. 




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