advice from our favourite fictional moms

advice from our favourite fictional moms

Mother’s Day is a time to recognize the women who have made a positive impact on our lives and provided us with important advice about parenthood and life in general. But it turns out that it’s not just real moms who give good advice, fictional moms have provided us with some pretty darn good words of wisdom over the years.

In honour of Mother’s Day and for something a little fun and light, here is a list of some excellent advice given by famous television and movie moms:

You have to sleep. It’s what keeps you pretty.
- Lorelei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life
and light it up or destroy it. Then you become a mother.

- Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be weak and in order to grow stronger.
- Eleanor Waldorf, Gossip Girls

Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it.
- Helen Parr/ElastiGirl, The Incredibles

When you’re a mom, you get a front row seat to the best show in town: watching your
kids grow up.

- Rebecca Pearson, This Is Us

Don’t ever let anybody tell you they’re better than you.
- Mama Gump, Forrest Gump

True love is kind of like a locomotive, it tends to flatten anything that gets in its way.
- Cindy Walsh, Beverly Hills 90210

It’s not too late for you to become a person of substance.
- Elaine Miller, Almost Famous

Just be considerate, accept each other for what you are and don’t point out the fact that
the hair he’s losing on his head is now growing out of his nose – and his ears.

- Peg Bundy, Married With Children

Anger is a lot like a piece of shredded wheat caught under your dentures. If you leave it
there, you get a blister and you gotta eat jello all week. If you get rid of it, the sore heals
and you feel better.

- Sophia Petrillo, Golden Girls

All families are embarrassing. And if they’re not embarrassing, then they’re dead.
- Kitty Forman, That 70’s Show

Well, you're gonna win, or you're gonna lose. Either way, the sun's gonna come up the
next morning.

- Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head.
- Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

If you carry a joke too far, somebody can get hurt.
- Carol Brady, The Brady Bunch

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