our wedding // 04.28.18

our wedding // 04.28.18

Some girls dream of their wedding day as this BIG, monumental, perfect celebration.

I, on the other hand, just dreamed of finally meeting Mr. Right to settle down with. I would say that I'm a simple person, but really I'm not. But I did refuse to settle when it came to love and boy was I glad I waited.

I remember when I was in my early 30's and single, I told my father that there is the slight possibility that my wedding one day would be a shot gun wedding because if I figured at the rate I was going, I was likely going to be well into my 30's by the time I found said Mr. Right.

Turns out, I wasn't too far off. It wasn't a shot gun wedding, but we did have our son celebrate the day with us.

All of that aside, it was truly a magical day for us. It was exactly what I wanted for our wedding, given where I was in life. I felt like I finally got my groove when it came to all those personal milestones most of us hope to achieve one day.

Traditional it was not, mostly because we were in our 40's, and we had already had a child, so we didn't feel the need to throw a massively expensive wedding (the Smart Cookie in me opted to pay down our mortgage rather than spend over $40K USD on ONE DAY!). My friends and family had already celebrated so much for us over the past 3 years - between our engagement, party baby shower and birth of Grayson - we wanted something low-key. What we did envision was a wedding in Palm Springs, CA. My parents have had a vacation home there for the past 20 years and over the last 12+ years, it has become a destination I frequented with my best friend. For me, it was the perfect mix of relaxation, sun, heat and shopping naturally. 

We decided on a small wedding of seventeen - just immediate family including parents, siblings and their families, and my BFF and hubby since I knew she was going to be my Matron of Honour.

Small. Intimate. Manageble. Inexpensive....sort of.

Choosing the date of our wedding was easy. Close to our actual anniversary date (since we first met) which was April 26, 2018 and it also marked 5 years together.

A wedding in Palm Springs wouldn't be right without incorporating the classic mid-century modern design and architecture, so we wanted to pick a rental home that had all the architectural features of this era. I think Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Gene Autry would be proud...we ended up with a gem of a house with a killer backyard fit for a ceremony and dinner:)


Believe it or not, I kept it together the entire day.....until the speeches. It's like I was operating the day like a business because I was in super woman coordination mode. Typical, but I do owe it to Tara for helping me out, running around, coordinating everyone while I stood in my bedroom trying to get dressed. As much as I love Nate, he was well, drinking and enjoying the company. He was just expecting everything to happen and fall into place. I wish I was as cool and calm as him. Must be nice to be a man sometimes:)

I won't go into great detail on EVERY element from the day (I'll let the pictures speak to that) but the speeches for me were some of the most important parts. It means a lot to me that people take the time to write something and it speaks to the history and relationship with those people.

I had asked my brother Davis to do the main toast and he delivered. More than I thought because I know he's not much for speaking in front of people, but his words were kind, funny, loving and awesome. It spoke to our relationship and how protective of a brother he has been my whole life. But his happiness shined through that day because he's truly happy for the first time in a long time and that makes my heart smile. 


My matron of honour Tara also gave a speech because with 25+ years of history between the two of us, there were stories to tell, but it was so heartfelt, funny, thoughtful and gracious. She has been by my side and has had my back for as long as I can remember. Provinces apart, we have maintained the thick as thieves bond, both always making the effort to see each other. There was this symbiotic balance between us as we both came together with our husbands and children, while reflecting on the past years of our life together. The good, the bad, the stupid (mostly me) and the ugly.


Then came my father's speech. I was nervous about this one because I didn't know if I could hold it together. You see, my father is a great storyteller. In my eyes, he nails it every time, so I knew it would be heartfelt, sincere, thoughtful, kind, funny, and memorable. My father and I also have an amazing relationship. From the moment he carried me out of the delivery room to the time I made some pretty big mistakes to the day I married the man of my dreams. He's watched and observed with no judgement, only admiration and confidence in knowing I would have to carve my own path and ultimately make the right decisions for me. He's one of the most tremendous fathers, husbands, professionals and now grandfathers and I can't believe I lucked out in finding the same qualities in Nathan.


And did I mention that the children ended up being our bartenders at the wedding? Yup. Totally illegal but so much fun. Let's be honest, they were mostly pouring carbonated water with lemons but the end result were these hilarious pictures. Your welcome.

023 2.jpg

In total, Nathan and I spent two weeks in California. We celebrated the wedding, took some time for ourselves and took a road trip back to Santa Barbara (and can I just say if you have not been here you have to go! It's such a beautiful part of California and I shared that with you all in my post here. But we seriously indulged this time around because it was our honeymoon after all and we were kid free for 4 days. Of course we indulged!). We got to spend time with my brother, his kids and parter in crime Tracy. Nathan's family as well and of course, soaked up some much needed R&R and vitamin D.

I wouldn't change a thing.

The end.

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